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Theo behind the scenes (Divergent)

we should say the things we feel. it doesn’t help to keep it in.

hoje eu quero voltar sozinho (2014)

me asking about tea flavors: what kind of teas...
Child: mommy I'm sick
Mom: yaaaaas bitch cause I am what? SICKENING
child: but mommy I've been throwing up
Mom: yaaaaaaaaaaas bitch gag on my eleganza
track name Indestructible
artist Robyn
album Body Talk
play count 12269



Robyn | “Indestructible”

"But I'm gonna love you
like I've never been hurt before.
I'm gonna love you
like I'm indestructible."



too little too late - an early to mid 2000s throwback playlist - l i s t e n -

that’s so raven theme raven symone // bootylicious destiny’s child // sk8er boi avril lavigne // beautiful soul  jesse mccartney // hollaback girl gwen stefani // too little too late jojo // start of something new high school musical cast // since u been gone kelly clarkson // crazy in love beyoncé // lucky britney spears // cheetah love cheetah girls // can’t get you out of my head kylie minogue  // everytime we touch cascada // like whoa  aly and aj // fergalicious fergie // if we were a movie  hannah montana // all star smash mouth // girlfriend avril lavigne // we’re all in this together high school musical cast // hips don’t lie shakira // candyman christina aguilera // the best of both worlds hannah montana // we belong together mariah carey // keep holding on avril lavigne // push it to the limit corbin blue // no scrubs tlc // cinderella cheetah girls // barbie girl aqua  // overprotected britney spears // milkshake kelis


finally.. selena learned how to love herself


track name If I Ain't Got You
artist Alicia Keys
play count 4695



keys to ya mans house

If I ain’t got you I still got keys to your house

ISFP Traits - “The Artists”


Positive Traits:

  • Highly creative
  • True appreciators of aesthetic beauty and nature
  • Warm and friendly
  • Usually optimistic
  • Encouraging, supportive
  • Good at handling practical, day-to-day tasks
  • Flexible, go-with-the-flow
  • Good eye for beauty, space, function – likely to have lovely homes
  • Take commitments seriously
  • Seek lifelong relationships
  • Typically respectful of others’ personal space
  • Show affection through their actions
  • Focus on enjoying the here and now
  • Keenly in tune with their senses – look, smell, sound, feel
  • Likely to be gifted in the artistic sense in one form or another
  • Have strong personal values and continually strive to meet them
  • Will likely rebel against anything that conflicts with what they feel is right
  • Quiet and reserved
  • Gentle, kind, sensitive, and sympathetic to others
  • Service-oriented and interested in others’ wellbeing and happiness
  • Will put a lot of energy into tasks they believe in
  • Are often animal lovers
  • Original, unique
  • Independent and need their personal space
  • Often appear to be carefree on the outside, but they actually take life quite seriously
  • Searchers for underlying meaning
  • Tend to be action-oriented
  • Hands-on learners
  • Uncomfortable basing decisions solely on logic – they always take into account their strong personal beliefs when making decisions
  • Tend to be highly perceptive
  • Usually very good at reading people
  • Have a rare depth of caring for those close to them
  • Have no desire to lead/control nor to be lead/controlled
  • Need and enjoy alone time
  • Tend to be perfectionists
  • Generally quite selfless

Negative Traits:

  • Tend to hold back feelings and thoughts
  • May not be good with long-term planning
  • Intensely dislike criticism and conflict
  • May come off as lazy/slow-moving to others
  • May be uncomfortable verbally expressing affection
  • Can be hard to get to know well
  • Tend to be too hard on themselves and not give themselves enough credit
  • Because they tend to take life so seriously, it may not be easy for them

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