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The Blogger

My Name is Chad but some people call me Chadley. I am 23yrs of age and I live on the east coast. I am a male and... son I am homosex.

I have somewhat of an abrasive personality that some people might not agree with but that's not my problem. I'm an aspiring screenwriter for television with a love for sci-fi/fantasy. Being a lover of TV I do watch a lot of things and LOVE to talk about what's happening in a show, so that's always an ice breaker for me. Some things that I say can come off as mean but i'm really just joking. Sometimes i'm blatantly mean.


My blog is full of things that I like from men, to shows, to clothes, to food. It's all things that hold my interest. A select group of people would like me to "tag" or "stop posting" certain things that they don't like or agree with and my response is always

This is my blog and i'll run it as I see fit. My baby (my blog) is four now and has a fifth birthday coming up in April 2014. I plan on celebrating her birthday with style and hope you all will join in the festivities.

Likes && Dislikes

My likes & dislikes can differ greatly so you have to keep up

  • men
  • tv
  • movies
  • music
  • pizza
  • (boy)butts
  • dicks
  • alcohol
  • hot dads
  • flip flops
  • sobriety
  • kindness