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davisualcabelos whispered: Por favor, não me diga palavras bonitas se não houver verdade nelas.

no hablo espanol senor/senorita/senyora

Posted on 6 March 2013, at 12.49am, with 9 notes
  1. browneyesranger said: Fail!
  2. soitgoesthenwedie said: this is not spanish. just for the record.
  3. ristrettoshots said: That’s portuguese
  4. mariathegirlwhofangirledarchive said: this is Portuguese…
  5. simplestreams said: omg
  6. missargent said: ((That’s not spanish that’s portuguese uvu;;))
  7. boykngsam said: it’s portuguese
  8. chadleymacguff posted this