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⚫️ All black everything. ⚪️

It’s raining and pretty little liars will be on soon. Hilary Duff should be playing

Bar bathroom shenanigans.

Annoyed I have to vacuum

Summer is the only time I can legitimize wearing this tank

I just finished this dickumentary about this guys tiny penis

Down on the west coast, they got a sayin’ 🌊👄🌊🔪

Talk about a transformation Tuesday

sitting around writing

blogging porn and drinking diet coke. theres a gay joke in here somewhere

it looks like i’m hanging out with my vinyls

tattoos are healing up fast and nicely except my crest of kindness tattoo which is scabbing weird. apparently reds are the color that react weird with most peoples skin. who knew

Finally got around to doing something with my hair today and it looking good. Too bad I’m not going anywhere.

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