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SuperTeen AU: Stiles is trying to get Allison to help him and Scott find the bestiary but Allison is apprehensive about giving the information to the Winchesters. 

SuperTeen AU: Sam and Dean go undercover at BHS to talk to Stiles and try to find out information about the creature they encountered.

SuperTeen AU: The boys try and figure out what their next move is. They want to get in and out of town without Jackson knowing they’re there.

SuperTeen AU: Sam and Dean encounter the thing that’s been killing people in Beacon Hills.

SuperTeen AU: Sam is wondering if they made the the right decision to leave Jackson in Beacon Hills after finding out about him.

SuperTeen AU: Lydia wants to talk to Jackson since this is the first time she’s seen him since she was attacked. Jackson just gives her a cryptic warning about his brothers being in town. Lydia thought Jackson didn’t have any family still alive.

SuperTeen AU: Sam and Dean come to Beacon Hills to investigate the string of murders that have been happening. They bump into teenager Stiles Stilinski at a crime scene.