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; For the forever delusional.

Cult!AUWhere Derek is a delusional head of a cult that believes wolves as gods who brainwashes teenagers and kidnaps Stiles as a sacrifice.

Intro post ; [x]


teen wolf au in which the argent werewolf gets a little closer to stiles. (x)

can anyone make a fanfiction of this? and also does argent werewolf have a name or are we just calling him argent werewolf? btw this is amazing! please somebody make a fanfiction of this!

TEEN WOLF Stilinski AU: [1 | 2 | 3] In which Stiles’s obsession for Derek reaches a level that Mama Stilinski can no longer ignore. And since the brave Sheriff usually chickens out of situations like this or threatens guys like Derek with a gun it’s once again up to Mama Stilinski to sit down and have a talk with her son’s boyfriend.


Sheriff Stiles AU: Stiles manages to finally become the Sheriff of Beacon Hills. He’s got some big shoes to fill and some dumbass werewolves to keep in line.




Inspired by this



Scisaac AU: Tailslide

Isaac doesn’t know a damn thing about skateboards unless you count being able to point one out. To be honest, he just needs a job for the summer. So when he’s walking down the strip and sees “Hiring! No experience needed, will train!” in bold on the sign outside of Tailslide, of course he goes in and fills out an app.

So, no, it’s not a priority of his to learn what an ollie or nosegrind is.

At least it wasn’t until his first day of training with Scott.


in which derek hale is actually regina george | [8/??]

And then he killed himself because no one would talk to him, but he came back from the dead and his eyes were fluorescent and he was totally weird, and now I guess he’s on crack.


Derek Hale and Allison Argent as Career Tributes from District 1 and District 2 respectively. Stiles Stilinski—the boy genius from District 3; Lydia Martin as the underrated but cunning tribute from District 9.

Lahey Family Tree ×
→ Duncan Lahey: Playful × Responsible × Extrovert

Duncan is one of Isaac’s only living relatives that he can remember. Upon hearing of his brother’s death, Duncan moves to Beacon Hills and takes Isaac in. Isaac hasn’t seen his uncle Duncan since he was a child so he’s hesitant about their living arrangement but his constant encouragement and overwhelmingly warm personality helps him get comfortable with the idea. With Duncan working as a doctor at Beacon Hills Memorial, it leaves him a lot of time alone. It makes explaining why he’s out all night once a month a lot easier.

Lahey Family Tree ×
→ Camden Lahey: Crude × Impulsive × Responsible

Before Camden went off and joined the military he and Isaac were as close as brother’s could possibly get. Camden would help him with bullies and and take care of him when their father worked late or was off doing whatever he did when he’d disappear but all he wanted was his freedom. With no prospects for a swimming scholarship, the army was his only way out. 

Lahey Family Tree ×
→ Emily Lahey: Unstable × Loving × Reclusive

Isaac goes to visit his mother’s grave on the anniversary of her death. Emily was a gentle spirit with a strong love for her family but she didn’t have the mental stability to match. When she first got married she was diagnosed with severe depression for which her psychiatrist prescribed medication. After her meds stopped working, her husband toyed with the idea of having her committed until she finally took her life after dropping Isaac off to school one day by wrapping her car around a tree.

AU: In which Oliver is trying to force Derek to talk about what’s bothering but they just end up having sex instead.

McCall Family Tree ×
→ Alexander McCall: Disloyal × Fickle × Resilient

Alex is Scott’s father. His relationship with Scott is strained to say the least. Alex moved back to Beacon Hills to try and fix what problems they have but Scott doesn’t seem interested. Moving back with the son of his dead wife that he married a few months after he split with Melissa doesn’t help matters much.

McCall Family Tree ×
→ Andrew McCall: Complex × Anxious × Whimsical

Andrew is Scott’s uncle, his father’s younger brother. Andrew has always been a bit, different. Perhaps it’s why he and Scott have always gotten along. Andrew comes to town for a few weeks working on a case and takes the opportunity to stop in and check on his favorite nephew and maybe bond. He just didn’t know that it would be over how either of them were bitten

McCall Family Tree ×
→ Nathan Edwards: Audacious × Idealistic × Clever 

Scott’s step-brother. After his parents got divorced he got remarried to Nathan’s mother who died a few years later. Recently Nathan and his step-father have moved back to Beacon Hills so that he can be closer to Scott. Something that Nathan wasn’t too keen on, especially since he had to change schools. After only a short time at BHHS he can tell that Scott and his friends are close, closer than friends usually are. Almost as if they’re keeping some big secret. Regardless of how he might personally feel, he promised to try and get along with Scott, even if he is a weirdo.

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